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About the Authors


     Wayne and Greg have been friends for almost 33 years. Both have always been huge movie buffs, constantly applauding and critiquing movie scripts and plot lines. Both have enjoyed reading thrillers, suspense and mystery novels and recommending new authors to each other. Both have vivid imaginations. For years, Wayne had been telling Greg about novels he’d begun writing, but never finished, and began enticing Greg to help him finish one of his stories.

      Wayne had begun writing a story called “The Lair of the Scorpion,” centering on an assassin who made an uncharacteristic mistake in carrying out an assignment. His initial remorse transformed into complete obsession, changing the lives of everyone around him along the way. The story focused on the dichotomy of good and evil and how definitive lines between the two could easily become blurred. The concept was intriguing enough for the two to join forces and develop a thriller that confronted philosophical questions yet unaddressed in by the numerous books of fiction they had read. How did the Scorpion become a soulless killer? After committing such a heinous crime, could anyone realistically understand or feel sorry for such a morally reprehensible man, and possibly find good in him? To some extent, everyone is a product of their environment and everyone has a story. How compelling that story is becomes a question to be answered by the reader. As such, the title was changed into “The Tale of the Scorpion.” From that point on, it was a constant work in progress over many years of tossing ideas back and forth with one goal in mind: to treat the reader to a new kind of story where the reader discovers the true nature of each character playing a life or death chess match with the Scorpion. The book is now in your hands to judge.

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