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"The Right to Write" - Wayne Block


       Not unlike the Scorpion, we pulled the trigger. Now, we are authors. But, when do you really know your manuscript is ready to become a published novel? You work on a story for years, constantly editing, revising, tightening the plot, tweaking your characters, deleting some along with subplots, and constantly second guessing yourselves. Is each scene plausible? Are the characters believable? Is the dialogue real? You share your story with family and friends, sometimes tentatively. You don’t know whether your content is offensive, so you think about downplaying some of the stronger themes in the story. Case in point: the random affair Steven, our protagonist, has at the beginning of the book. (This is a subject for a future blog.) Generally you receive positive feedback and constructive criticism, fuel to progress further in your passion. Everyone has a different opinion on how a story should develop and it’s not an easy task pleasing everyone. You have to find your own voice and most importantly, your own commitment to what drives you as an author: creating believable characters thrust in seemingly unbelievable situations, having imperfect people the reader will hopefully both admire and dislike as the plot gradually changes them, among others. These are the things that kept us going and inspired us to work and rework the plot for many years. To take the reader on an emotional roller coaster and cause the reader to develop an affinity to who should be reviled and who should be admired.

       When you begin thinking about publishing in any format, it’s a completely different world. We’re walking a wire with no safety net below. Not unlike our protagonist, Steven, we are venturing into a whole new world. We are sending our child (for that is what a Novel is), into the real world of readers; absolute strangers. To most, our book will merely be one out of millions, and once we push that “publish” button, we can’t retract it. We’re published, and our work is now on display. It’s so much more comfortable as the reader, watching from the sidelines. But as authors, we are now on the field. We are players, and we are fair game for the cheers and boos. Although there will be the critics, we are excited to be on the field.

       We can say we are now writers. Well–no turning back now. We plan to write more stories and we would love your feedback on “The Scorpion’s Tale” to help us raise our next “child,” the sequel now in progress, “The Scorpion’s Shadow.” Stay tuned for more from our blog–“The Right To Write.” Happy Holidays everyone. Look forward to hearing from you. Wayne and Greg.

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