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The Scorpion's Tale

       “Thanks to the killer’s handiwork, Tony’s partners were also dead in Manhattan.   The killer needed to finish his business in Westhampton tonight, so he could make his flight to Italy before any of the bodies were discovered.  From his neck down he dressed like a surgeon with cotton coverings over his clothes and shoes that were specially made to fit although they were two sizes too large. He also wore latex gloves and a ski-mask to ensure that his entire body was protected against leaving even a cell of his DNA behind.

        Looking into the eyes of his victims in their final moment of life did not faze him. In fact, it gave him pleasure.  The sound of Tony’s head smashing into the door disturbed him only because the success or failure of an assignment might hinge upon an unknown factor – variables that were his job to minimize.  He never left anything to chance, carefully tending to the crime scene, making sure there was no evidence to assist law enforcement. Satisfied all was in order, he silently exited the master bedroom, gun in hand.

       Amanda tried the light switch in the kitchen, but it didn’t work.  She opened the refrigerator door, found a pitcher of water, and poured a tall glass for her and Catarina to share.  She replaced the pitcher, closed the refrigerator, took a step into the hallway and immediately noticed a large shadow of a person, obviously much taller than Tony. She shrieked in surprise and dropped the glass, which shattered.  The killer reacted without conscious thought. He instinctively raised his gun and fired.  Amanda made a loud moaning sound as she crumpled to the floor.  Suddenly there was another scream behind him.  He turned and aimed at the sound, not realizing that his gun was pointed at a forty-five degree angle toward the floor.  He fired again and there was silence.  It took only a split second for him to realize that the voice had screamed “Mommy.”"


Bred to kill, he is the perfect weapon.

Omniscient, and never seen; a soulless assassin until a fatal mistake. Now he is hunted by a father for killing his wife and children.  A continent away, another family slaughtered. A beautiful daughter teams with a Mafia enforcer on her own quest to find him. A story of revenge and redemption. The tale of the Scorpion.

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